Specialist Consultation Clinics

Orthopaedic Clinic
     Two consultant orthopaedic surgeons hold weekly clinics for reviewing new or known problem cases which may require surgery and rehabilitation, minor procedures such as aspiration of blood from joints, or chemical synovectomy. These interdisciplinary clinics are always staffed by a nursing sister, physiotherapist and physician.
     The unavailability of concentrated plasma fractions (Factor VIII or IX) in the past, has led to the advanced joint destruction and crippling of large numbers of patients, who now require reconstructive surgery, joint replacement and rehabilitation. As a consequence, this is a particularly busy clinic.


Consultation Clinic for Liver Disease
     Over 70% of Iranian haemophiliacs have been infected with hepatitis C, hepatitis B or co-infection with HIV. As a result, this weekly clinic, staffed by two hepatologists, is usually crowded with patients in various stages of diagnosis or treatment.
     The General Laboratory provides a valuable service by determining viral work load and HCV genotyping as a guide to treatment strategies.


Dental Clinic
     Up to 10 or 15 patients attend these daily clinics, for a range of dental procedures. A conservative policy is naturally aspired to, but the dearth of preventive dental and periodontal care in the past has resulted in a relatively large number of tooth extractions, carried out under cover of the appropriate replacement therapy.


Gynaecology & Psychiatric Clinics
     These newly established consultation clinics are held every week. The Gynaecology Clinic is mainly aimed at dealing with women suffering from von Willebrand's Disease. Many of these remained undiagnosed in the past, and were subjected to un-needed hysterectomies for their heavy, prolonged periods. In the future, the consultant gynaecologist will also be responsible for chorionic villus biopsies(CVS) in pregnant haemophilia carriers requiring prenatal diagnosis.
     A Psychiatric Clinic was introduced in order to deal with the significant number of cases suffering from depression, feelings of inadequacy and drug-addiction.


Physiotherapy Department
     This well-equipped department is open daily and is staffed by two qualified physiotherapists, charged with the all-important treatment of patients with acute or chronic joint bleeding, chronic synovitis, or post-operative rehabilitation.