Our Aims

The stated aims of the AACT in supporting this non-governmental, non-profit Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre are:

  • To diagnose and treat patients suffering from inherited bleeding or thrombotic disorders.
  • To provide multi-disciplinary, comprehensive out-patient care for such patients, including replacement therapy, clinics for specialist consultation, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and counseling.
  • To identify genetic mutations causing coagulation or thrombotic conditions, through DNA sequencing and analysis.
  • To identifying female carriers of hereditary bleeding disorders such as haemophilia A and B, and to carry out prenatal diagnosis in the male foetus
  • To diagnose, treat, counsel and follow up patients infected with viral hepatitis or HIV.
  • To centralize all data collected regarding these patients throughout Iran, on a common computerized data-base.
  • To offer training courses for doctors, nurses, scientists, laboratory technicians and physiotherapists from the provincial centres in Iran and the neighbouring countries of the Region.
  • To foster collaboration with Universities, the National Blood Transfusion Service and the Ministry of Health.
  • To obtain the support of the World Federation of Haemophilia and the World Health Organisation, with the ultimate aim of being designated a Regional Reference and Training Centre for Haemostasis and Thrombosis.
  • To carry out clinical and scientific research relevant to the field in collaboration with Iranian and international academic centres, and organize scientific seminars and meetings.