Our Immediate Needs - An Appeal for Your Support

1) Prosthetic hips for 5 adult haemopilic patients: 5,000 Pounds Sterling each
Repeated bleeding into hip joints from earliest childhood, due to inadequate preventive treatment, has led to destructive, irreversible joint damage, pain and crippling among all too many of our patients with severe haemophilia A or B. Surgical replacement of the hip joint, covered by suitable replacement therapy, can now restore normal, pain-free mobility to these patients.

2) Prosthetic knees for 5 adults: 4500 Pounds Sterling each.

3) Purchase of PEG Interferon to treat haemophilics with chronic active hepatitis C: 8,000 Pounds Sterling
Over 70% of patients with haemophilia have been infected with hepatitis C due to the unsterilised plasma therapy they received in the past. A large proportion of these cases develop chronic, unremitting liver damage leading to fibrosis of the liver or cancer. PEG Interferon, combined with other drugs can now effect cure in many of patients.

4) Purchase of a Thermal Cycler (PCR) machine for the molecular genetics laboratory: 5,000 Pounds Sterling

5) Shares of 10,000 Pounds Sterling each, towards the purchase of a Capillary DNA Sequencer (Total cost = 120,000 Pounds Sterling)
This expensive piece of equipment is crucial in determining the exact mutations causing inherited bleeding in each given family. Once the family mutation is identified, the carrier status of girls who have witnessed the suffering of their haemophilic brothers, can be confidently established, and they can be counseled regarding marriage and pregnancy. Among women known to be carriers of the disease, who are already in the early stages of pregnancy, knowledge of the family mutation allows doctors to tell whether a male foetus is affected by hamophilia or not.

6) Equipment for the dental clinic: 2,000 Pounds Sterling
Preventive care of dentition among boys with haemophilia is crucial to prevent chronic gum disease and the need for dangerous, expensive tooth extraction. Unfortunately, a large number of haemophilic children and adults have had inadequate dental care early in life, resulting in chronic disease and the need for dental surgery.

7) Equipment for the Gynaecology Clinic: 1,000 Pounds Sterling
Haemophilia confined to boys comes to mind when speaking about inherited bleeding disorders. In fact, the commonest such disorder is von Willebrand's Disease(vWD), which both boys and girls equally. Many inappropriate hysterectomies are carried in young women with vWD because doctors are not always familiar with this highly treatable disorder, and fail to make the diagnosis, or do not refer such patients to a specialist. It is important to screen all young women with excessive, prolonged monthly periods, for vWD.

8) Purchase of second-hand radiology equipment for the Orthopaedic Clinic: 10,000 Pounds Sterling

9) Purchase of medical and technical books and journals: 500 Pounds Sterling